Amarillo Area Rotary Baseball League is a non- profit volunteer organization run by a driven group of knowledgeable baseball minded members of the community.

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7.10 Defensive coaches shall not be allowed on the field of play and shall coach from the dugout.  Base coaches are allowed by the Offensive Team.     

The above rule is very clear.  Therefore, no defensive coach may be on the field (in fair territory) at any time during live ball play.  Defensive coaches will be allowed to be outside the dugout VERY NEAR THE DUGOUT.  Defensive coaches may be a FEW FEET IN FRONT OF THE DUGOUT FROM ONE DUGOUT END TO THE OTHER DUGOUT END.  THEY MAY NOT GET ANY WHERE CLOSE TO THE FOUL LINE TO COACH, AND THEY MAY NOT GET PAST THE END OF THE DUGOUT CLOSEST TO HOME PLATE TOWARD THE VICINITY OF HOME PLATE TO COACH.  This has been reiterated to umpires.  We are trying to allow coaches some leeway by allowing them to be outside the dugout, but remaining near the entrance.  Please comply with the allowance which has been approved for this rule.