Amarillo Area Rotary Baseball League is a non- profit volunteer organization run by a driven group of knowledgeable baseball minded members of the community.

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Registration, Age, & Draft Procedure

Registration and payment are done online at the league website, AARBL is STRICTLY a draft league, sanctioned by Babe Ruth Baseball. The registration fee paid includes secondary Babe Ruth insurance (personal insurance is primary), a cap, and a jersey. The league also provides catcher's equipment (excluding catcher's mitt), batting helmets, and GAME balls. All other uniform and equipment items are the player’s/team's responsibility.

Beginning with our Spring 2021 season, coaches will be allowed to protect up to 4 players from season to season. This will help coaches continue to work with a group of players while still making sure any kid who signs up is able to play. All paid registrations received prior to registrations being closed are GUARANTEED a spot on a team at the draft.

Leagues by age:

3-4 - Knee High

5-6 - coach pitch

7-8 - coach pitch

9-10 - player pitch

11-12 - player pitch

13-15 - player pitch

All players must have a copy of the original birth certificate or certified copy of the birth certificate on file before being allowed to participate in any league games. Once the birth certificate is on file with the league, that player does not have to provide another copy of the birth certificate in future seasons of participation in the league. You must provide a copy of the birth certificate to your coach prior to the season starting and prior to participating in any games. That copy will be retained by the league.

AARBL’s “league year” runs concurrently with the school year. Ages listed above are “LEAGUE AGES” and are based on a player’s age as of April 30 of a given year (see below) per Babe Ruth guidelines. Players will play in the respective league based on “LEAGUE AGE”. Our “league year” consists of one fall season combined with the next spring season. The next 5 “league years” are as follows:

Age on April 30, 2022: Fall 2021 & Spring 2022

Age on April 30, 2023: Fall 2022 & Spring 2023

Age on April 30, 2024: Fall 2023 & Spring 2024

Age on April 30, 2025: Fall 2024 & Spring 2025

Age on April 30, 2026: Fall 2025 & Spring 2026

The player drafts are for COACHES ONLY. No players or parents attend the drafts. Players from the 3-4 and 5-6 leagues will be drafted by those leagues’ coaches from a list of paid registrations. Players in the 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-15 leagues will participate in evaluations prior to the drafts.  7-8, 9-10, 11-12, and 13-15 coaches will attend these evaluations, take notes, and will then draft their teams from their evaluation notes. All players in these ages must participate in the evaluations including any protected players (up to 4) that a team may have. If for some reason a player can't attend the evaluations, they will absolutely still be placed on a team at the end of draft.   

Coaches get their practice locations lined up and set their own practice schedules.

No teams in these leagues travel; therefore, no blackout dates or time slots are accepted for scheduling.

Please refer to the specific season procedure for more information on dates, registration fees, scheduling information, etc.