Amarillo Area Rotary Baseball League is a non- profit volunteer organization run by a driven group of knowledgeable baseball minded members of the community.

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(See Rule 6.18 below for revision, March, 2019)



We need consistency so our 3-4 year olds can start to see a pattern and to learn the rules which will be in place when they move up to 5-6 coach pitch.  We want the kids to have fun and begin to learn the basic rules of baseball.  Also, we want the coaches to be able to hold their attention span as the game goes on.  Batting all 13 every inning makes it difficult to keep the attention of those in the offensive dugout as well as the 13 players on the field defensively.  We have rules in place which everyone needs to go by.  The rules everyone needs to use are repeated below.  Some emphasis and clarification (in red) have been added.  These rules are for the best results for the kids.  

6.05  All players in the lineup will bat.

6.16 A team may score a maximum of five (5) runs per inning, including the last inning or record three (3) outs.  (5 runs scored or 3 outs recorded, whichever comes first, ends the half inning).  To stay on our time schedule, play 50 minutes and then end the game since we don't keep score and do not have a winner.

6.17  Score will not be kept.  You DO need to count runs per inning to satisfy Rule 6.16.  However, since game scores are not kept, there is no need to post scores online.  MOST IMPORTANTLY, HAVE FUN AND START LEARNING THE BASEBALL RULES!!!